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Two Seasons

Welcome to my Author's Site for my Maine humor series, my gritty and satirical memoir of the years that I served in law enforcement in rural Maine, and my horror/thriller novels.

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She's Baaaack!
Autumn Foliage

"I need a break from everything; so I'm going to East Puddleduck where I can count on Ma for stability and have life's priorities put in proper order.  I find your writing to be excellent, the stories fun and the flavor of style is in keeping of what one would expect of true Americana Folk Lore. I see Ma taking her place along side Paul Bunyan, Tom Sawyer and Davy Crocket."

 - Jay Alden Bailey on Two Seasons         Author, Mudflap Series

“Peanut Butter Memoirs is a gritty, unvarnished view of a cop’s profession, its rewards and disappointments, successes and set-backs. Most refreshing, Wilson makes no apologies for the stories he tells or how he tells them. His position: if you don’t like it – Tough.”

-Bill Bushnell, the Kennebec Journal


"The stories he tells of these characters and how they interact with each other, made me laugh out loud several times throughout the book. On one occasion, I was laughing so loud, my wife and son asked me what was so funny?"

-Mark Lieberman on Two Seasons

  Author of The Statsmam

"His style of writing captivated me immediately as it was easily readable and humorous. I enjoyed reading about his career progression and how got started in law enforcement. Everything flowed very well throughout the book. I didn’t find myself going back in the book to search for something (like I have to do sometimes when a lot of different people are mentioned) and I never got confused. I wanted to keep on reading and felt like I was in the backseat of his squad car listening to him tell his story."

-Mark Lieberman on Peanut Butter Memoirs

"Wow. Just, wow! I, 'unfortunately', finished "Last Stop, Ground Floor." I absolutely LOVED it. It's been a while since I literally could not put down a book, let alone stop thinking about it."

-Jade Mason on Last Stop, Ground Floor -   Avid horror reader/reviewer

"David Wilson has given us a book that will make us shiver on a hot summer day and too much to think about when we're trying to get back to sleep at 3:00 AM."

-Brian Welsh Reader Review on There's No More Room in Hell


"I never leave reviews, but just had to for this gem! Definitely a must read for everyone, even if it's not your typical genre, trust me!"

~Reviewer on Last Stop, Ground Floor

I so loved this book! The way it was written was fantastic. Nick gets a tour of Hell to get an idea of what will be in store for him. He learns of other people who are down there and sees some of them facing their punishments. He learns he's truly the only one to blame for his actions and why he ended up there. It had me so hooked I read it in one day and it's definitely one of my first favorite reads of 2024!

~Danica Taylor, Reader Review on 

   Last Stop, Ground Floor

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If you'd like to sponsor an Author's Event/Signing, please get in contact with me. I don't charge for events, I'm happy to visit. If you don't already carry my books, I'll bring a stock and also split the profit from any on-site sales (charging retail cover price) 50/50 with your establishment. Drop me a line for more info and scheduling,

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