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I need a break from everything; so I'm going to East Puddleduck where I can count on Ma for stability and have life's priorities put in proper order.  I find your writing to be excellent, the stories fun and the flavor of style is in keeping of what one would expect of true Americana Folk Lore. I see Ma taking her place along side Paul Bunyan, Tom Sawyer and Davy Crocket.

                  - Jay Alden Bailey,                                        Author, Mudflap Series

“Peanut Butter Memoirs is a gritty, unvarnished view of a cop’s profession, its rewards and disappointments, successes and set-backs. Most refreshing, Wilson makes no apologies for the stories he tells or how he tells them. His position: if you don’t like it – Tough.”

-Bill Bushnell, the Kennebec Journal

Two Seasons

Author's site for David Wilson, writer of 'Two Seasons' and 'Ma's Diner', the humorous stories about a unique little town in northern Maine, and 'Peanut Butter Memoirs', a true, gritty story about his years in law enforcement in rural Maine.


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Use the 'Contact' button below to drop me a line or to request to order a signed copy of Two Seasons or my first book, Peanut Butter Memoirs, and to receive a discount off the cover price(s) and free shipping inside the US.

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