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Being an author isn't only about me, it's about the connections we make and the resources we can share. So, for those authors who are acquaintances of mine, I'd like to offer their information and a site link for you to take a look at. If you're an author that's interested in having a link, please use my 'contact' page and drop me a note. Enjoy!


Rune S. Nielsen

Genre: Fantasy


Rune S. Nielsen is a full-time fantasy author. He began writing it in 2018. His debut novel was first published in 2020.



Epic/high fantasy -


  • The Doomsayer Prince, The Artifact War series Book One The Vulture Sentinel, The Artifact War series Book Two The Arch of the Zhi’el, The Artifact War series Book Three


Omnibus edition -


  • The Doomsayer Prince, Omnibus Edition (which combines the first two books in the series)


Sword & Sorcery/epic fantasy -


  • A Company of Adventurers, Tales of Kjeldale Book One.


Rune S. Nielsen's love of fantasy began early on when his mother introduced him to The Lord of The Rings, and his father told stories about history and archeology, focusing on ancient battles, castle sieges, and Vikings. Rune began writing articles in high school (even got paid for some of them) and later got a degree in journalism. He's worked in print media, TV, web, and various communication roles. Rune lives in the beautiful kingdom of Denmark in a cozy house-share with his wife, their Ragdoll cat, the heroically fluffy Mr. Muffin, and his best friend and the friend’s family. When he’s not writing about imaginary kingdoms or dreaming up characters, Rune enjoys walks around the nearby lakes, often accompanied by his wife or friends.

Joanne Rohrs Patterson

Genres: Romance, Self-Help, Children's Books


A writer and novelist. Joanne has authored romance, self-help, and children’s books. She has appeared on the Dr. Oz show and The Today Show. When not writing, her passions include Reiki, Cosmetology, Yoga, and Ayurveda; in addition to her day job Joanne produces audiobooks and works as a background actor on hit shows, including Orange is the New Black, Manifest, Poker Face, The Equalizer, Power, and more. The mother of four advocates and believes in all things spiritual and vibrational. She resides outside New York City.


Instagram; @Namaste4ayurveda


TikTok @joanne0b

Railway Tracks

Wendy K. Denney


Genres: Popular Fiction


Wendy Denney is an Indie author who’s just published her third book. “Mr. Brownstone’s Renaissance”, “The sound of a Train” (co-written with Alexandra Rizzi), and most recently “Gold Dust on the Highway” are all available for purchase on Amazon. Most of her stories fall into a combination of sub-genres including drama, suspense, romance, and humor in her fiction stories. Placing her characters in awkward, embarrassing situations is a guilty pleasure she particularly enjoys. Wendy’s future books will be posted on her website.



Peter Okonkwo

Genres: Poetry, Spiritual


Peter Okonkwo is a Nigerian writer, fatalist, publisher, editor, literary critic, spiritual philosopher, soon–to–be–novelist of Etean’s Destiny, and a certified orator from the Friendship Leadership Institute of Nigeria.


He is the author of six poetry collections:

  • Ecstasy of the Dead

  • Fate

  • In the Dungeon of Doom

  • Whose Fault

  • Kismet or Impediment? 

Escape from the Unseen Dungeons book series: 

  • A Cry for Mercy

  • How the Demons Leave 

  • I Saw the Light 


Peter is gifted with the aptitude to explore and demystify certain difficult life issues through his thought–provoking, raw–arresting transcendent poetry. His works have been featured in notable literary magazines and newspapers, including the Australian Plumwood Mountain Journal, The Lagos Review, Ngiga Review, Hope Newspaper, among many others. Peter is the host of the P. English Literature YouTube channel, where he reviews books and conducts interviews with authors around the world. His show has featured over 250 literature works from authors across the globe

Desert Road

Jay Alden Bailey

Genres: Satire, Memoir



Jay Alden Bailey grew up in Durham, Connecticut in the 1960s and through the '70s. He was originally born in Portland, Connecticut, and also resided in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida where his parents enjoyed a wealthy two-home lifestyle uncommon for the times.

In a dramatic change of events, his father kidnapped Bailey and his older brother, hiding them away to live with a woman in Meriden, Connecticut, using them as pawns in a vicious divorce. They were told that their mother was dead and was lost for a time.

The boys were found by the authorities and were held in an orphanage until the divorce was settled.

They were reunited with their mother and went to live in Durham as penniless as their father could possibly make them.

Bailey, happy to be back with his mother, watched her struggle with poverty, and loss of support from the Church and her strict Irish-Catholic family, who blamed her for the loss of her husband and all the problems the family faced.

He grew up watching the changing times of the sixties and his mother facing adversity with powerful perseverance.

As the boys grew up in a turbulent time of social unrest with little supervision, Bailey matured quickly and began early to question the directives and motives of the adults and people of authority over him.

He found internal peace and escape from negative forces around him in the deep forest behind his home; where he grew up playing with wildlife and developing a profound appreciation for the natural environment.

As he advanced in age, he became aware of the poor guidance authorities at school who were out of focus on the skill set of the individual. He learned to question authority and take almost everything it pushed upon him with a grain of salt.

After graduating high school, Bailey went through a series of entry-level jobs and experienced many small businesses and their practices. Continuing to question the motives, values, and competency of his superiors, he became self-employed by the time he was twenty years old.

He started a residential tree service and over the years has been involved in all sorts of building and maintenance of an eclectic group of real estate and personal property projects.

With all best intentions and wisdom beyond his age, Bailey continued to be gullible. He was often taken advantage of by his own positive outlook on life and generally caring for the people he encountered and dealt with.

As he looks back now at over 40 years in business, he finds his own mistakes in trusting the good nature of others to be his biggest downfall and his biggest asset.

After years of trying his hand at many different things from arboriculture to building and landscape architecture, and being exposed to all sorts of trades and various occupations along with hobbies that include oil painting and interior design, Bailey now enjoys writing about his experiences and expresses himself in the medium of being an author. He shares his stories and anecdotes with satirical humor and a philosophical outlook.

He owes his vocabulary, English skills, and perseverance to his mother who was an avid reader and advocate of libraries.

Purple Flower

Glory Olutayo

Genres: Spiritual, Self-Help


Hey Guys, I'm Glory, An extemporaneous writer with so much passion for developing both young and adult through Writing, speaking, and creation of Mind-blowing resources that can help them grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and psychologically. I'm also the Author of the book titled "Made of crystals". Feel free to Message Me for More info, I could be a writer for Your company, firm, business, etc. Let's make this happen.


Lisa Lachapelle

Genres: Poetry, Children's


I have 4 poetry books out now plus a book I co-authored. In the spring I will be releasing a novel, a children's book, and another book of poems. I had a traditional author that went out of business a few years ago so working on revising those before re-release. Currently, I am doing everything Indie but looking for a literary agent for some future books.

Dramatic Sunset

Lori J. Bridges

Genres: Poetry, Romance


Lori J. Bridges-Hahn is a first-time novelist at the age of 63, realizing a lifelong dream when she published her book, Letters to Eric, on Amazon. She lives outside of Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband, Doug, and their cat, Kato.


Lori has poems published in two anthologies edited by Robert Frost (1986 and 1987). She worked as an executive-level administrative assistant for 38 years before starting her own business in 2016 as a wedding planner. Lori closed her business in October 2022 to concentrate on writing her book, learning the piano, and spending time with friends and family.

Headshot 6MB.jpg

Linn Aspen

Genres: Inspirational, Philosophical



Linn Aspen grew up in northern Sweden where the understated beauty and quietness of the landscape fed her contemplative nature. At age twenty, and thirsty for life experiences, she left Scandinavia for the USA. Since then, she has raised three children and engaged in many careers. Most valuable for the writing of her novel, The Dreamtidings of a Disgruntled Starbeing; Life with a psychopathic brother, was her work as a holistic practitioner. Working as a hypnotherapist, intuitive healer and channeler, Reiki Master, and Shamanic teacher all gave her intimate insights into the many challenges we face, as well as the innate strength of the human spirit.

Thus, The Dreamtidings of a Disgruntled Starbeing has sprung from this experience and from Linn’s lifelong exploration of life’s mysteries through philosophy, and metaphysics, brought on by her extrasensory perception and her own, personal, experiences of extra-conscious phenomenons.

She is now retired, or perhaps more accurately revived as, in this stage of her life she gets to embrace, not only grandchildren but a welcome return to a quiet and peaceful landscape, this time in Vermont, where she lives with her husband and their two tiny, tiny dogs.

Her novel can be found on Amazon and everywhere that books are sold.


Amanda Maghri

Genre: Erotica


Arabella Maghri is a British author who writes ‘feelgood’ erotica with hetero, bisexual and lesbian themes. She is also an international businesswoman, juggling overseas business trips with keeping her readers happy. One recent reviewer was moved to write, "I truly believe that you are the Goddess of Love walking the Earth amongst us mere mortals and sharing your Love with words.” She also writes in other genres under a different pen name. This is to keep her erotic life (and loves) a secret from her other audience and, most importantly, from her business associates. They would blow a gasket if they knew what she got up to. So far she’s published five books of erotica - three novellas and two full-length novels - in paperback and kindle ebook form. All are published exclusively via Amazon so that Kindle Unlimited subscribers can download and read them for free. Otherwise, her books start from $0.99, so most can afford to enjoy them. When she’s not travelling, Arabella lives in Cambridge, England with her long-term partner Greg and two cats.

Yellow Flowers

Melissa Lombardo

Genres: Self-Help, Healing


Melissa B. Lombardo, survivor, thriver, change-maker, CT State Certified Sexual Assault Crisis Advocate, and author of, “Hurt, Healing, and Hope: Thriving Beyond Rape and Sexual Assault,” created a powerful book and performance piece that comes from her own experiences as a college student in her 20’s. Her premiere work is a collection of interwoven monologues that can be read, vocalized, and personalized.  Survivors, their support systems, and healing allies can benefit from this book which includes original artwork, a resource guide, post-reading questions, and journal space for a reader to write and reflect on their own hurt, healing, and hope. A portion of all book sales will benefit area rape crisis centers. 

Melissa Lombardo-16.jpg
Forest Road

D.B. Miller


Genre: Fantasy


D.B. Miller has been writing since she was old enough to hold a pencil and reading her stories out loud to anyone who would listen. She finds inspiration from her vivid dreams. As a wife and a mother, she loves to write in the quiet hours when her children are nestled warmly in their beds. She also enjoys crocheting, drawing, and collecting miniature glass animals.Follow on FB @hollowruby Instagram & TikTok @victoriaandthehollowruby


  • Victoria and the Hollow Ruby

In the midst of being haunted by the looming shadows and lurking creatures of the Black Needle Mountains, a surprising ability awakens within Victoria. Will she be able to use it to survive as she is forced into the woods and down a sinister path?


Mark Lieberman

Genre: Memoir


Mark Lieberman has a BBA from The University of Texas at San Antonio and an MBA from Western Governors University.

He is a writer for since 2011 and since 2015.

He worked for Chase bank for 15 years. He currently works for MUFG Bank, Ltd.

When he is not writing or working, he enjoys reading e-books.

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